New Laptop Causes Rush to Sewing Room

I had this vintage quilt blocks getting dry rot in my sewing room....

Now I have a padded laptop cover and cord holder. I used the insulated batting used for potholders to help protect it from hot and cold, and because that was all I had in my sewing room at the time.  

I love my new Mac Notebook. Still learning how to use it, things are a bit different, but I'm getting the hang of it and I love it.

Deb Deb loves her Daddy

If you don't see Debbie when you come into the store it's because she is usually not very far from her Daddy. She has a little game she plays with long will he let me sit in front of his computer moniters? She plays this with him all day long.

Christmas Already?

So, this is what I have been working on this week. This project is only 3 years old...maybe it will be done in time for our "Open House" weekend September 27th & 28th.  It might be hard since I just got a new Apple Lap top. Way to much fun!

Shop Hop 2008 Block is The Quiltery's 2008 Shop Hop Block. I am looking forward to getting the other blocks made and the whole quilt put together. Not sure if I'll post it before November ...I may keep it under wraps until then.

Andover Fabrics by Gail Kessler

Here is preview of the fabrics we are using for NEPA Shop Hop 2008. The Shop Hop will again be in November...hope you can join in on the fun!